Tending Our Transitions ~ End of Life Care


Have you always felt the death could be different, yet didn't know how to make it happen. Knowing you can keep your loved ones at home and make death a natural part of life's journey, can transform this challenging time into something sacred with an opportunity to connect with yourself, your family, and friends. Through Michelle's Tibetan Buddhist practice and training with Jerrigrace Lyons' Final Passages she brings spiritual and practical guidance to people in transition and their families for end of life support, creating a home funeral and practices that assist before, during, and after our final transition.

End of Life Support

Would guidance and a loving presence be supportive for you and your family as death approaches.  Michelle's groundedness and understanding brings calm to this tender time of transition. She can offer you emotional and spiritual support with the end life and helped you and your family through the process. 

Home Funeral

Family directed funerals allow you to keep your departed family member at home. Michelle can help you create the kind of ritual you want for loved one and handle the practical details of a home funeral. She will guide you with tending the body after death, setting up a ceremony meaningful to you and conducting a home funeral.

Tibetan Phowa & Zhitro Practices

Have you felt helpless during and after the loss of a loved one and wished you had a direction for your grief.  Tibetan's have long studied death's journey and have practices that allow you to participate and offer support during this sacred transition. Michelle has trained in the Tibetan practices of Phowa, the transference of consciousness at the time of death, and Zhitro, Peaceful and Wrathful practice, which supports their journey 49 days after death.  Michelle can be available for you during this tender time.

End of life is a sacred time.  Michelle offers these services on a donation bases.


"Michelle helped me to experience my brother Evan's death in a way that was beautiful and meaningful. She enabled me to connect with him in his passing so that I did not feel so helpless or alone. I know the pain will never go away, but through the guidance of Michelle's practice, I am able to experience it with love and openness. Michelle is a natural, and profound healer, and has helped me to understand my own capacity for healing. I am grateful for her work."
~ Zak Starr

In 2012 my partner Jenya was diagnosed with liver cancer. He chose not to have the tumor surgically removed and decided to try alternative treatments. Unfortunately, the tumor grew rapidly and in October 2013, he passed away. This was a very challenging and heart-wrenching time for me and it felt good to be surrounded and supported by loved ones. With the help of Final Passages, we were able to leave his body in the house for three days, which enabled many people to visit. After the three days, we took his body to be cremated. That was when the loneliness and sadness really engulfed me. Several people still kept in touch and checked on me by phone and email, but I hardly saw anyone, except Michelle.

Right after Jenya had passed away, one of the people who had known Jenya for years through OAEC, Michelle Vesser, came to the house and offered to chant prayers for the dead in the Tibetan tradition. She said the prayers would help Jenya’s soul pass from the earthly plane to the spirit world. At first I thought she would recite the prayers once and that would be all, but she said, if it was okay with me, she would be returning once a week for the next seven weeks to recite the prayers again. Each week, she would arrive in the early evening. We would sit on the floor in the bedroom where Jenya had passed and she would open her sacred book and chant the beautiful passages, a ritual that lasted around an hour. It was soothing to hear the prayers and I knew they were not only helping Jenya, but also myself. Michelle's weekly visits became something to look forward to, providing me with a continuity that was sorely needed at that time when life felt so chaotic. And her kind, warm, loving manner was helping me heal from the grief I was experiencing.

I am grateful to Michelle for being there for our souls (Jenya’s and mine) during that difficult time. She was an anchor and support in the midst of extreme sadness and confusion and her prayers were a healing balm.  
        ~ Jennie Rose

Bringing Presence and Practice

Bringing Presence and Practice

Home Care for Our Loved Ones

Home Care for Our Loved Ones

Merging With Radiant Vastness

Tending to Grief

Tending to Grief