Tending Our Inner Landscape ~ Spiritual Counseling


Part of the sacred journey in this life is to understand what arises within us from our hearts and minds. Michelle works with people to help them to identify and let go of obstacles that are holding them back in their lives and opening to their full potential. As an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and Bön, Michelle sees the emotions as a spiritual path which can lead to understanding and inner peace.  Her ministry and counseling are rooted in these spiritual traditions and are not intended to be or to replace traditional psychotherapy.  However, this work can complement traditional therapy.

Spiritual Counseling

Through Michelle's life experience, healing work, and the teachings of her spiritual practice, she has gathered many tools that can help you track your inner landscape, locate areas of constriction, and release old stories.  Her gift results from her own long journey of healing.  Michelle skillfully leads you into your inner world and has you reconnect with your radiance and gifts.  In a counseling session, she always starts from the wisdom of your body and brings the tools that will best support you.

Michelle is available for private in person sessions or via skype.

Your session can include:

Tracking Your Emotions

Taking the time to connect with your body, Michelle will guide you in tracking to deeper levels of your own emotional landscape.  Through breath and your own curiosity, you will discover where you have been storing pain and trauma.  She will bring you to the other side of your greatest fears into the peace of your own being.

Soul Retrieval

When we have trauma it often becomes stuck or frozen in our cellular memory.  With spiritual guidance, Michelle will support you in accessing past memories and guiding you to re-connect, listen, and free the wounded parts of yourself. This process will allow the expression of held emotions and for you to develop a caring relationship with these younger parts of yourself.

Feed Your Demons

For 12 years Michelle studied with Lama Tsultrim Allione, who adapted the Feed Your Demons practice for the Western world based on the Tibetan principles of Chöd. Our demons are energies we carry as fear, illness, anxiety, and trauma. She will guide you to constricted energies and through a gestalt practice help you transform your demons into allies. Nurturing rather than battling our inner demons will lead to lasting energetic change.

Healing Inherited Family Trauma

Traumas of our parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents can some times live in our unexplained anxiety, fears, and physical symptoms. Michelle has trained with Mark Wolynn, director of the Family Constellation Institute, and author of “It Didn’t Start With You, How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle.”  She will lead you through a process of discovery to find the root causes behind many of the emotions, behaviors, and reactions that keep you mired in old patterns.

Past Courses Taught:

  • Journey to Healing - Tracking Your Inner Landscape
  • Women's Tracking Conference
  • Naka-Ima - Inside of Now

If you are interested in a spiritual counseling session, please contact Michelle. She has sliding scale rates to work with individual needs.


"I was fortunate to meet Michelle when I signed up for her class Healing Through Foods, Herbs and Ceremony at OAEC in 2011. The three days we spent together had a deep impact in my life, and I have grown and transformed my world since. I stayed in touch with Michelle and was able to work with her one-on-one on internal conflicts I needed help resolving. Michelle showed me the way to get in touch with feelings that had been locked deep inside, and walked me through being present with them, understanding them, and letting go of the ones that no longer reflect my reality. She has enriched my life, and I wish everyone could get a chance to spend time with Michelle and feel for themselves the wisdom and love she brings to everything she does.     ~ TH

"Michelle has worked with me both one-on-one and as part of a group. She has a remarkable ability to hold love in a space, small or big. And space-holding is about as good a gift as one can give; but it barely begins there for Michelle. She has a way of moving through energy fields and layers of density with more grace than anyone else I know. Where a minute ago I may have been a tense body sputtering out anger in bits, I am probably now lying in her lap feeling opened from the core, tender in my heart, and connected with all of life. Michelle's ability to see clearly, trust deeply, and dance through the narrowest of openings is where she stands out from many of her contemporaries. She has a softness that invites me to trust, a passion that leads me somewhere new, and a genuineness that has kept me working with her for years."  ~ CM

"Michelle offers an incredibly powerful gift through her services as a spiritual counselor. I have worked intimately and often with Michelle over the last year, and it has been transformational to all of my relationships, especially my relationship with myself.

I have sought counsel from Michelle on many occasions, and each time I have felt profoundly seen, heard, and held with love. I have turned to her during times of fear, confusion, and disconnection, and have always been met with compassion. I leave our sessions feeling both uplifted and well resourced, with new tools for deepening authentic relationship and personal expression.

Michelle has supported me in couples’ mediation, parent mediation, Demon Work, and during the Naka Ima workshop. She brings a creative and courageous spirit to her varied approaches to holding space and offering support. Her unique combination of expertise and curiosity, combined with her deep capacity for empathy, make her an ideal guide for this process. I am so grateful for her support in stepping into this journey of exploring the internal landscape.     ~ CS

Standing in wholeness

Standing in wholeness

Loving connections

Loving connections

Overflowing with joy

Overflowing with joy

Honoring the blessing of my parents and ancestors

Honoring the blessing of my parents and ancestors