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       Enjoy the beautiful art work of Catherine Sieck - link here to see more!

Sacred Medicine - Exploring the Elements, Herbs, and Medicine Making

June 23 – 25, July 14-16, August 4-6, September 1-3,          September 29-October 1, and October 20-22         

 A dhyana Center Course

A dynamic exploration of the Five Great Elements (Pancha Mahabhuta). The elements, water, earth, fire, air, and space give rise to all that exists. The state of your health is a reflection of how the elements are expressed within you. Each week-end will be focused on one Element, its qualities, plant ally’s, its encumbers and wisdom states and medicine making techniques.  It will bring you into a deeper relationship with yourself, and your health and the world around you.

Space/Ether (Akash) – Sound & Expansion – Vibration /Mediation/Smudge   
Air (Vayu) - Touch & Movement – Oils/Salves/Lotions
Fire (Agni) – Vision & Transformation- Vinegar/Alcohol Tinctures/Cordials
Water (Jal) - Taste & Cohesion - Tea/Decoctions/Syurps/Foot Baths
Earth (Prthvı) - Smell & Structure – Poultice /Lozenges/Fermentation

The Three Dosha's - Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Cost: $1400, Including All Medicine Making Supplies and Sunday Field Trips

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Contact:Education Department
Phone: (707) 823-8818
Toll Free: (800) 796-6863

Sacred Mapping - Tracking your Inner Landscape  

June 8, 15, 29, and July 6, 13

Part of the dhyana Center Mapping Series

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Event Web-site: Sacred Mapping

Are there obstacles keeping you from living your full potential?

In this time of upheaval and change it is essential that we tend to our inner landscape to maintain health and balance in our lives. We will explore our sacred inner pathways and discover the parts of ourselves that need attention and care. Each Thursday we will work with different tools both individually and in pairs, incorporating guided practice, art, and journaling.

  • Mapping the Inner Elements
  • Journey to Radiance
  • Opening Doors to Freedom
  • Tending our Obstacles
  • Art Offering

Cost : $285
Early Registration Special : $235 until May 25th

Wild Seeds, Clay, and Inner Pathways: Tending the Earth - Tending Ourselves

June 2 - 4 - The Oak Granary, Potter Valley, CA.

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To register visit the events web-site of The Oak Granary

Join us for a magical weekend as we engage our hands and hearts remembering and immersing in reciprocal relationships with the land and ourselves.  We’ll hike out to Owl Tree Meadow, the backcountry camp at The Oak Granary, and surround ourselves with oaks and wildflowers.

This is an offering by Catherine Sieck an artist, Lindsay Dailey a wild tender, and Michelle Vesser a gardener of inner and outer landscapes. This gathering is an inspiration from our hearts and our deep passion for the Earth's inherent wisdom.

  • Land Walk and Wild Tending
  • Earth and Plant Meditations
  • Land-Harvested Pottery and Camp Firing
  • Cordage and Amulet Creations
  • Journey to Inner Radiance

Cost: Sliding scale: $ 200 - $ 400

                        Maiden, Mother, and Crone

Western Women's Tracking Conference

A Gathering of Trackers, Herbalists and Artists

May 18 - 21 - Quail Springs, Cuyama, CA.

For more information and register: Tracking Conference

You are invited to share a weekend of tracking wildlife, ecology, and your internal landscape. The high desert of Cuyama Valley offers incredible biodiversity of animals, habitats, and culture. “Cuyama” a word derived from the Chumash word kwiːˈjɑːmə loosely translated means “to rest or to pause”, an ideal sentiment for tracking animals or your own curiosities. Each day will be spent exploring track and sign, trailing animals, and indulging in art and self-care. Coupled with good food, starry nights around a fire, and a nurturing landscape.

Meghan Walla-Murphy- Wildlife Tracker and ecologist
Mary Lowry- Elder and Wildlife Tracking Instructor from Earth Skills
Kate Lundquist- Director of OAEC Water Institute
Michelle Vesser- Garden, Herbalist, Spiritual Counselor
Natasha Dvorak - Wildlife Biologist

Cost: $550

Naka-Ima - Inside of Now

July 21-23, Sebastopol, CA.

Contact me or visit:

At Naka-Ima you begin to perceive the ways you’ve been limiting yourself. You learn to recognize the attachments you’ve created which undermine your vision, your reality, your life. You develop the facility to let go of ideas and emotions which separate you from yourself and others. You face where you’ve been stuck, where you’ve been reluctant or unable to change. With this awareness you make choices and take actions that are aligned with your purest intentions.

During the week-end you establish a way of relating with others that encourages a mutual unfolding of your essential selves. You open to the possibility of love which is contained in a vessel of honesty and clarity; to truth which is tempered with an energy of caring and awareness toward others that is filled with delight in giving. You remember who you are without the protection that you began building so many years ago.

Michelle has produced Naka-Ima for over 10 years.          

Cost: Sliding scale $380-$680